the truth is sticky

(trooth-gum) n. 1) a chewing gum and the fact of the matter. 2) a healthy, natural, 100% xylitol sweetened, plaque fighting chewing gum; the healthy alternative. 3) a fact or principle representing the convergence of evidence.


Truthgum is here to break the spell of misinformation, to disenchant the talking points, to put straight the spin....TO TELL THE TRUTH. All this and it freshens your breath.


Media's Addiction To War Drums

On the Sunday news shows between 9/7 - 9/21/2014, of the 205 guest discussing military options in Syria and Iraq, just six of these (3%) voiced opposition to US involvment, while 125 (61 %) spoke in favor of war. (36% no opinion).

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