About Truthgum

Truthgum is a fresh idea whose time has come: a healthy chewing gum joined with a penchant for truth. In every package of Truthgum, you'll find fourteen pieces of xylitol sweetened chicles and two pieces of Truth to chew on.

truth is nighTruthgum is unconventional because we use chewing gum as the vehicle to get information out to the public. We are in the business of education, activism, and gum. In our own unique way, we are helping to empower the people.

Truthgum is revolutionary because the public can have an active part to help spread the truth. Each pack of Truthgum will come with two “truth stickers”. Each truth sticker will have a web link(s) so people can find where the information came from and to investigate and educate themselves on the subject. We encourage the public to spread these stickers around public and private places so others may also encounter the facts. Truthgum may upset many people. For others it will help set the record straight. Either way we anticipate better comprehension of our world as the truth unfolds. The story behind the lies will always change whereas the truth will always stand solid.

Truthgum is NOT about left or right wing spin nor do we have some hidden agenda. We aim to expose the truth no matter how painful or where it may lead. The concept behind Truthgum is to challenge the lies and misinformation that preoccupies our minds and our air waves. We believe in the idea of a well informed public.

Nothing will be taboo for Truthgum and no one will be out of range of our scope. The subjects we will tackle include politics, the environment, food, current affairs, media, science, corporate dealings, energy, war, and much more. Check out the Got Truths! page today for information needed to combat talking points.

The Truthgum mission is simple: to bring fundamental honesty to the table, especially when it has an effect on the well-being of society as a whole. While it is hard to argue with this notion, there are many whose livelihoods depend on cluttering the truth, or provoking doubt, if not eliminating the truth all together! This is a major reason the general population is divided and frazzled. Truthgum may not improve the integrity of “the powers that be”, but poking them with the proverbial stick of truth could very well get their attention.

Individuals can suggest Truths they would like to see included with our gum through our Contact page. We are interested in people commenting on the Truths, so please share your thoughts on any of the Truths.