Flint Water Crisis Was Avoidable

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was advised as early as 2014 to revert the water supply for Flint back to Detroit's water system. Instead, Flint River water, contaminated with lead and high levels of chlorine, flowed uninhibited through Jan. 2016. 

Affordable Meds?? TPP Is Not a Fan

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would provide large pharmaceutical firms new rights and powers to increase medicine prices and limit consumers' access to cheaper generic drugs.

The US Is An Oligarchy

A peer reviewed study found that of the 18,000 US policies enacted between 1981 and 2002, the rich and corporations have substantial impacts on US government policy, while the average citizens have little influence.

2015 Hard Year for the Black & Unarmed

Police in the U.S. killed at least 102 unarmed black people in 2015. Of those 102 cases, only 9 resulted in officers being charged with a crime. 

Trump Tells It Like it ISN'T!

According to fact checking site Politifact, by 12/21/15, Donald Trump made 77 statements of which over 75% simply were not true during that segment of the 2016 Presidential Campaign. 

Strict Photo Identification Laws

In strict ID states, Democratic voter turnout drops an estimated 8.8% while Republican drops just 3.6%. For strong liberals, the drop is 7.9%. Strong conservatives actually vote at a higher rate – 4.8% above average. 

Xylitol As Alternative Medicine

Research suggests that Xylitol, the sweetener in TruthGum, has antibacterial properties as well, helping to prevent both ear and sinus infections. (In spray solution form) 

TPP and the Environment - Not Promising

The Trans-Pacific Partnership potentially allows corporations to sue governments with environmental laws that could impede said company's profits.

Food Safety? TPP Is Not a Fan..

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would require limits on food labeling while allowing imports of meat and poultry that do not meet current U.S. food safety standards. 

Recent Sea Level Rise Fastest in 3000 Years

New research suggests that the world's oceans rose faster in the last 100 years than they did in nearly all of the preceding 3,000.