TruthGum is Tooth Gum!

Tooth Decay is still considered the most common chronic infectious disease in children ages 5-17. Xylitol - the all natural sweetener used in TruthGum - actually PREVENTS dental decay when used on a regular basis. 

Nazis First to use Fluoride

Nazi Germany, the first to use fluoride in public water systems, in their 20 year study found 'that people who drank fluoridated water would be submissive to the will of those who wish to govern them; a convenient lobotomy'.

Toxicity of Toothpaste

The contents of a family size tube of fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 25 pound child.

Fluoride More Toxic Than Lead

Fluoride is more acutely toxic than lead. Elevated levels of fluoride exposure is associated with IQ deficits in children.Fluoride is added to public water and toothpaste.

Fluoride Is Bad!

Evidence links fluoride (added to toothpaste and public drinking water) to effect brain function, cause depression, fatigue, etc.