Flint Water Crisis Was Avoidable

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was advised as early as 2014 to revert the water supply for Flint back to Detroit's water system. Instead, Flint River water, contaminated with lead and high levels of chlorine, flowed uninhibited through Jan. 2016. 

Affordable Meds?? TPP Is Not a Fan

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would provide large pharmaceutical firms new rights and powers to increase medicine prices and limit consumers' access to cheaper generic drugs.

Xylitol As Alternative Medicine

Research suggests that Xylitol, the sweetener in TruthGum, has antibacterial properties as well, helping to prevent both ear and sinus infections. (In spray solution form) 

Big Pharma At The Helm Of FDA

The commisioner of the FDA, Dr. Robert Califf, was a paid consultant for several drug companies. An “industry insider” leads to more rubber stamps on skyrocketing drug cost and inappropriate drug approval.

Toxicity of Tattoos

Tattoo ink and pigmentation often contains various metals and/or metallic compounds known to be toxins. Pigments and tattoo inks are NOT currently regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Safety NOT Guaranteed

The National Vaccine Injury Act, established in 1988, exists solely for the purpose of settling vaccine injury claims, mostly out of court. The act is funded by a 75 cent excise tax on each vaccine given per disease intended to prevent. 

TruthGum is Tooth Gum!

Tooth Decay is still considered the most common chronic infectious disease in children ages 5-17. Xylitol - the all natural sweetener used in TruthGum - actually PREVENTS dental decay when used on a regular basis. 

They're STILL In There

Tests conducted by Consumer Reports found Genetically Modified Organisms in nearly all packaged foods tested - including those labeled "natural'. There is currently no mandate for proof that GMOs are safe for human consumption.

Substantially More Water Required For Meat

Producing 1 kg (2 lb.) of grain requires approximately 1,500 liters (400 gal.) of water while 1 kg (2 lb.) of beef requires 15,000 liters (4000 gal.).

How Much Water Is On Your Dinner Plate?

The daily drinking water requirement per person is 2-4 liters, but it takes 2,000 to 5,000 liters (530 to 1320 gals.) of water to produce one person's daily food.