Stealth Jets Still Lack..Well, Stealth

Despite it's $1.5 TRILLION (and growing) price tag, The F-35 Fighter Jet, amongst other flaws, is detectable on UHF and VHF band frequencies (i.e. old television technology). 

How Tax Dollars are Spent

42.2% of all taxable income goes to the US military. 20% goes to pay the interest on military and non-military debt. 8.7% goes to anti-poverty programs, 4.4% to education, and 2.6% to science & environmental programs. 

400 Billion Dollar Dud!

As of Jan. 1, 2015, The $400 Billion TAX PAYER FUNDED F-35 Fighter Jet, the most expensive and sophisticated military jet in history, still lacked the ability to fire it's cannon due to a computer 'glitch'. The software to solve the problem may not be available until 2019.