Flint Water Crisis Was Avoidable

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was advised as early as 2014 to revert the water supply for Flint back to Detroit's water system. Instead, Flint River water, contaminated with lead and high levels of chlorine, flowed uninhibited through Jan. 2016. 

Nazis First to use Fluoride

Nazi Germany, the first to use fluoride in public water systems, in their 20 year study found 'that people who drank fluoridated water would be submissive to the will of those who wish to govern them; a convenient lobotomy'.

Toxicity of Toothpaste

The contents of a family size tube of fluoridated toothpaste is enough to kill a 25 pound child.

Shell Oil Spills

Shell Oil, massive oil spills and waste dumping contaminate water and farm land in Nigeria. Human rights abuse; the people drink, cook and wash in this polluted water.

Innocent Victims of War

Since 2003, birth defects accounted for 15% of all births in Fallujah, Iraq due to war contaminants such as the illegal use of depleted uranium by U.S. forces. In 2010 the birth defect rate is as high as 30%.