The Media Serves The Interests Of Corporate Power

All corporate media have direct ties through its board of directors with other large corporations, including banks, investment companies, oil companies, health care and pharmaceutical companies, etc.

Residues & Nonignited High-Tech Incendiaries In Debris Of World Trade Center, 9/11

Thermite, when ignited yields an intense heat (4500 degrees Fahrenheit), cuts through steel like butter. Active thermitic material was discovered in dust analyzed from the 9/11 World Trade Center catastrophe.

Steel Framed Buildings vs. Fires

In the hundred year history of steel framed buildings, never has one building collapsed because of fire. Except on Sept. 11th, 2001 when 3 fell on one day.

The War On Drugs Is A War On You

Of the 1,561,231 arrests for drug law violations in 2014, 83.1% (1,297,384) were for possession of a controlled substance. Only 16.9% (263,848) were for the sale or manufacturing of a drug. 

US Chamber of Commerce Plays Dirty

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce along with military contractors developed tactics to sabotage and spy on the Chamber's progressive critics. The Chamber plotted to steal private computer information, spy on the families and plant false documents.

Virtual Certainty About Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases emitted by human activities remain in the atmosphere for periods ranging from decades to centuries. It is therefore virtually certain that atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases will continue to rise over the next few decades.

ExxonMobil Spin Masters

ExxonMobil has spent over $23 million since 1998 to fund over 40 organizations that seek to undermine the science on global warming. 

Corporate Person-hood = Money = Free Speech

On January 21, 2010 the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are persons. The court declared that by spending money to influence elections is constitutionally protected free speech. According to the courts logic more money enabled more speech.

Violent Crime Arrest v. Marijuana Arrest

2009 violent crime arrest total (including murder, manslaughter, rape, robbery,aggravated assault) 581,765. Simple marijuana possession arrest 758,593.

BP Oil Company Disregards Safety

Oil giant BP accounts for 97% of all flagrant violations found in the refining industry by OSHA over the last 3 years from 2008 through 2010 and counting.