Flint Water Crisis Was Avoidable

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was advised as early as 2014 to revert the water supply for Flint back to Detroit's water system. Instead, Flint River water, contaminated with lead and high levels of chlorine, flowed uninhibited through Jan. 2016. 

Failed Privatization Experiment...Water

An exhaustive study reveals that for-profit private water companies charge 58% more than those publicly owned and operated by the government. Pennsylvania for-profit systems charge 84% more than public systems. 

Chevron/Texaco Waste Amazon Waterways

Chevron/Texaco has dumped more than 18 billion gallons of toxic material into the Amazon waterways for several decades.

Tap Water For Sale

40% of bottled water is simply tap water such as Aquafina and Dasani. The plastic bottles are made with BPA, one of the most toxic chemicals known, linked to breast and prostate cancer. High quantities of BPA leach into the bottled water.

Fluoride Is Bad!

Evidence links fluoride (added to toothpaste and public drinking water) to effect brain function, cause depression, fatigue, etc.

Plastic in the Ocean

Every square mile of the worlds oceans host 46,000 pieces of floating plastic. The mass of plastic pieces is 6x’s greater than zooplankton floating on the water’s surface.